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Customer Comments:

Here are some comments from my customers...


Thank you so much! The bears came out beautiful, I love than both! You
did such a wonderful job with them. I cannot wait to see my sisters face on
Christmas. When I opened the box, I had tears in my eyes. The bows that you
happened to put on them, match perfectly the drapes that used to hang in my
mothers living room. It was an added surprise and delight.
I have a few people that are interested in your bears, and have coats of
their own that they may want to send to you. I will give them your e-mail
address, and or phone number.
Thank you so much,
you did a wonderful job. He looks just like the Alf in the TV show. Please send him to me soon! Thanks!Renate
First let me convey my apologies for the length of time that it has taken me
to write you. You were so wonderful at replying to all of my e-mail
immediately, and it was incredible how swiftly you were able to make Bear. I
do not yet have the pictures developed, but I intend to do so soon, and will
send you some, I'm sure there are some wonderful ones.
Bear is just perfect. When he got here, my husband and I opened up the box
and were so delighted. We wrapped him and put him under the tree. It was an
anxious time for us. The old Bear had meant so much to Morgan that if she
didn't like the one you had made it would have been very devastating for all
of us. Our Christmas was riding on your workmanship. I have to admit I was
very nervous about having someone I had never met make his replacement. You
were so wonderful and caring in your e-mails though I decided to trust you.
I'm really glad I did. Even before she opened the box, there were tears in
her eyes, she had figured out what was in the box. I was holding my breath.
I was so afraid. There were tiny differences in his appearance, would she
love him? When she finally opened the box, she tugged him out, embraced him,
then sat on the floor holding him and crying. Later, we ask her what she thought. She absolutely loves him. She says thatof all the years that she's been looking to replace him that she's never founda Bear with the same kind of eyes. The eyes, the expression were what were really important to her, and you got it perfect. She wouldn't put him down
for days. Now he plays Nintendo, watches TV, and does pretty much everything
else around the house with us. He's absolutely wonderful. The love, care,
and attention to detail that you put into him shows. Everyday I look at him
and catch her smiling because he's there. I can't thank you enough for
everything that you did. Taking the time to reassure me, to discuss every
little detail about him, shipping the photos back. Everything you did was
wonderful. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. You made our
Christmas dreams come true!
It has been delightful getting to know you. I promise to send the pictures
along. You'll see that not only does he have a good home, but I think you
catch a glimpse of how much he's loved and needed, of how much he meant to my
friend. You did an excellent job, and again, I can't thank you enough. You
made her dream come true.
With love and more gratitude than I can express,Samantha MacDouglas
Oh, They are great!!!! I love the bear made with the tan & blue shirt, that is great. The bow
tie & the heart are wonderful!!!! Thank you so much!
It is a good thing I didn't bring the computer up before everybody left
the house this morning as when I saw it, i gasped out loud at how
perfect it was & then started to cry. Heaven help me when they start
arriving home, if a picture can just make me cry! That is perfect. The
Santa one is great also!
Thanks bunches! Sue & crew
Jeanne -- this is from Michael Kundu, Nola's husband. My two sons Erik and
Lars cried when they saw the pictures -- you captures her spirit. I'll
show Nola when she gets in in...
Thank you for giving us a little piece of our heart back.

Hi Jeanne,
We received Bridgett, she's beautiful. Even our Husky checked her out and
was confused.Thanks again Nola et al Michael Kundu ______________________________________________________________
Hi Jeanne! Guess what?!?! Rocky and Rocky2 arrived safe and sound on Thursday. I was so delighted!!! Rocky2 is just WONDERFUL!!! My friend is going to absolutely love him! I can't wait to give him to her. The adoption card is great too. Thank you again, so, so, so, so much. I'll e-mail you again after I give
him to her. Thanks so much! ~Sarah
Hi Jeanne, How are you. Here are the photo's from Mer's b-day party.
Aren't they great? She was so surprised, and happy. Didn't my friend
catch the picture at a perfect moment? Well, thank you again, so, so,
so much! Love always, Sarah

Jeanne you are remarkable. It is not everyday that someone can take and
make a replica of a dog that had already passed away and it be so much like
the real one. Babbs was a one of a kind and so is the one that you made. She
looked so much like Babbs that when she would be on the bed nestled down in
the pillows we would actually do a double take.
You have a phenomenal talent for this and Babbs will not be the last that
you will do for us. Before long I will have you doing all the animals we
have. Cats excluded.
Thank you so much. Tears of sadness were cried the day Babbs dies and
tears of sadness mixed with joy were shed on Christmas morning when mother
walked in and Babbs was sitting on the couch looking like she did when she was
alive. You made a woman very happy Christmas morning and now she has a Babbs
to hold when she feels sad. Once again thank you and keep up the good work.
Hi Jeanne,
Sue here, Gary's other half. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you
know that your wonderful babies have arrived and they are GREAT!!!!!
Getting ready as I speak to head to the office and will send off a
check. Thank you SOOOOO much. This is gonna be so special for his
Dad. Love ya and hope your sis is doing OK. Keep in touch ok?
Love,Gary & Sue
Dear Jeanne,
Dad thoroughly enjoyed the characters you made What also fascinated him was the fact that we got this done over the computer. Through a total stranger. Smile. Now we feel you are a friend. I (Sue) sent a check on Wednesday AM. Hope you have it by now. If
not....get me an email back ASAP.
The party was absolutely wonderful. He wants to see all our emails back and forth to see how this was done, if that is ok with you. He's also going to send us a video of a new Wind and the Willows that came out with the real characters, he says they only have
the fictional characters in the introduction. Must be some esoteric meaning to this? (this from Gary, grin).....Like Tale of Two Cities? or Alice in Wonderland?...hmmmmmm
At any rate, your contribution to his retirement added many smiles to the occasion.
Best of health to you and your sister. You might be hearing from us sometime towards the end of Sept. or early Oct. for something for daughter's 10th. Also, your name is now known in our family. Thanks so much.
Gary, Sue& Chloe __________________________________________________________
The plushes arrived and THEY LOOK GREAT! I am
meeting with one of my partners in an hour,
and he's going to love them for sure. Really cool attire.
Thanks sooo much Jeanne.
Best Regards.Steve _______________________________________________________________
I am sorry I have taken so long to thank you for the wonderful teddy.
Archie absolutely loves him and takes him everywhere just like the old one.
We are all SO THRILLED!!!! Thank you so much.
Hope all is well with you and have a great Millennium. Thank you very very
much again. Jane.