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Have a bunny designed just for you!

Here are a few samples

Classic Country Bunny

30" tall She has a muslin body

and is dressed in your choice of color and style




Country Bunny Bride 24"

She is dressed in satin and lace , has a garter on her leg and carries a bouquet!

65.00 each or as a set with groom 100.00

Other sizes available other animals too

Country Groom Bunny 26"

Here he is.. Dresses in black satin , complete with vest, bow tie and his matching flower

65.00 each or 100.00 as a set with bride

Other sizes available other animals too

Rupert Rabbit 18"

He likes to garden.. and would like to find a home with a family with similar interests..Rupert stands on his own and is a cousin to the Buppy Family


Carla 18"

She brings her little bunny to her new home and she is also a cousin to the Buppy Family..You can adopt Carla for 40.00

Vac Bunny 48"+ tall

She likes to mind the vac when you are not using it.

You can have the vac covers in any animal , style or color you choose


Edbund 30"

Country Boy Bunny..

You can bring him home for



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