"Beary Much Yours"

Let me create a Bear for you from your matterial..

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Let your imagination run..

Let me create an Hierloom Bear out of your family clothing treasure..

Items like a baby blanket, or pjs, a fur coat, Dad's favorite old shirt, Mom's Bathrobe, or maybe that sweet little dress your daughter wore when she was young...anything you like.Your son's sweatshirt .. As long as the fabric will hold up... I can make a Teddy Bear.

The idea came to me when I was sorting some boxes.. My father passed away 20 years ago...I found his favorite shirt that I just stored away..I did not want to throw it away..soooo It became a flannel Bear and has resided on a shelf in my office for some time. I love that bear..so I thought I would share the idea with everyone. So instead of packing it away.. let me turn that special item into a Teddy Bear..You ship the fabric to me and I will take very good care of it while I create someone special for you.The size will depend on how much matterial I have to work with, I will use all I can and will return the rest with your bear. You can look through my bears and choose a style or I will design a unique one for you.I am sure you will enjoy a Teddy Bear from your special fabric as much as I enjoy mine..
The average cost is 75.00 plus shipping . If you have a specific size in mind ...just let me know. Ask about a music button A favorite tune button can be added for 5.50 more E-mail me to order a " Beary Much Yours " Teddy Bear .... Start thinking....and find that special item.Don't let that favorite item end up packed away in a lonely old box.. Let it live as a Teddy Bear. Happy hunting ! Jeanne

Please mention you found me through the 

Collie Rescue of Indiana

 and a portion of the fee to create your critter will help the homeless collies get a family too.. Plus I will send you something extra when you order for helping the rescue! The amazing people who open their home tothese amazing collies are such a blessing.. I am pleased to help them in this small way! 

Thank You & God Bless for supporting  their work. in the collie rescue. I know our collies appreciate them sooooo much. Can you see them smile? 


Our collies Remy and Panda



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