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This should give you an idea how I create the item you are looking for ...For any questions you may have, Please feel free to email me..

First of all ,Thanks for stopping by!

I like to keep in contact and let my customers know the progress. I do have a family and work from my home.. Sometimes.. something may pop up at home.. and there could be a short delay.. I like to let people know this , because as much as I would like everything to run perfect and all to stay well.. does not.. Most times.. all orders are completed quickly.

I work with pictures and descriptions given to me .They can be emailed or snail mailed. What ever works best for you. I may email you for more details and send pictures of the project in the get the details correct.. After I create your "new friend" I send pictures via email for you to veiw. At this point you are invited to tell me your thoughts and let me know if any changes need made..Upon your approval of the finished critter... I will send the your new family member traveling home!

For orders inside the USA.. I mostly use UPS and sen the tracking # to you so you can follow them home .Outside the USA.. I use the US postal service due to cost factors..The choice is yours on shipping.. I charge only the amount it costs to ship.. no extra fees.. ..If you want something that is very expensive created.. you can also do lay away.. you can email me about options available..

This is a favorite plush bear on the left

and his new Mohair brother on the right that I created for his " Adoptive Mom"

I really liked his face!

The possibilities are endles for what ever you

would like to have created.. Some of the items above vary by request..

Replicas and special orders are available in all

sizes.. current ranges I have done 2 inches - 6 ft.

Thanks, for stopping by! Jeanne
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