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Buppies bring their Adoption papers, Birth certificate ,name bracelet, necklace with Mama Dog's picture on it, A heart sewn on their chest,a favorite item and loads of buppy hugs!!!!!!!!! Buppies are sold as decorative items .. and as toys as they do have small parts. Buppies have hand sculpted faces and there may be small variences in their looks when duplicating.. , making each one unique!As a special order, they can be created in mohair.. but the price would increase.

Outfits/ fabrics may vary...You can see them via email first.You may also choose your own colors

Apple Anna 16"

She brings her little rag doll and Buppy hugs She is bright and very colorful change to add some life to your collection. 60.00

Baseball Bart 20"

He is ready to play! he stands on his own


Bradly 28"

He has long floppy arms and legs and loves to pass out hugs..He keeps his toys in his pocket. 80.00


Beth Anne 14"

Brings her baby bear , bag and blanket shown in different outfit choices 60.00

Bettie Lou 15" she loves to quilt..brings her basket with her piece work shown in different outfits 60.00
Burley 18" ........ He is created from burlap and brings his own rocker. (sometimes varies as shown ) He has been think'n of going fish'n someday! 80.00
Daisy 12" loves to garden . She is created from mauve synthetic bumpy fur..She stands on her own..and brings some flowers to brighten your day! 40.00


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