Angel Bears 1

  Anjoli Christine 14" She is wearing a cotton dress and has full feathered wings Adopt our little angel , blankie and her kitty ..55.00
  Angie 9" x 4" with mini white 2" angel & blanket grey cotswold , wire armatures , stands alone feather wings, black Mohair , hair dressed in cotton heart dress and has a pearl halo. Adoption fee: 149.00
  Michel 18" He is ready to say his prayers and go night , night,with his pjs and night can bring him home to join your family. Adoption fee: 55.00
  Angelica 9" & Bitsy 3.5" & blanket is created from grey cotswold , she has wire armatures ,stands alone , feather wings and black Mohair for her hair. dressed in a cotton dress and holding her baby bear.. .Adoption fee : 149.00. as a set.

Andrew 12" plush Angel bear with real feather wings and his blankie Jointed ready to fly home to you .

Adoption fee:45.00

  Star 28" Non jointed plush Angel Bear Satin & lace dress with full feathered wings

Adoption fee: 65.00



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