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Moh-Bears ,A Kid's Tale
Not so long ago on a farm in the country..
Lived a group of playful kids.. goats that is..
They could see the children on the neighboring farm playing everyday and wondered what it would be like to have toys like the children.. After all goats like to play too! As the days passed,Two of the most inquisitive kids,
decided to get a closer look at what the children
were playing with.The children had Teddy Bears.. Wonderful, chubby, happy , sweet little Teddy Bears. Now we all know that the young can communicate very well with each other, even when we adults do not understand.So when the curious little kids could stand it no longer. They squeezed thru the fence catching some of their beautiful fur on the post as they got out.. And  the children were so excited to see the kids up close, that they offered to let them play with their bears. This
thrilled the kids and they had a wonderful tea party that lasted all afternoon. Then looking to the west the kids became sad.. The sun was begining to set and it was time for them to return to their home in the barn,they asked how they could get their own Bears. The children told them that they had such a wonderful soft coat that maybe their Mother, who already knew how to spin and weave could make fabric from their soft coats and make them
a bear.This made the kids very happy.The children walked with the kids and held the fence so the kids could get back homeand noticed the fur on the post.. They would take it to their Mother to show her how wonderful a Teddy Bear would be from the soft fur. They all said good night as the children scurried home to talk to their Mother. Once home, their Mother, Susie said she thought it was a great idea, and set off to talk to Linda , the owner of the goats. Together Linda got the fur from her Beautiful goats and Susie carefully spun and wove it into the most beautiful fabric.. After doing this They had a friend , make the fabric into  Teddy bears... for the kids.
  The little kids were overcome with Joy! The kids did want part of the credit and asked if .. since they were Bears.. but created from their soft Mohair coats... Could they be called Moh-Bears?? The kids thought  that the Bears made them sooo happy that they would like to give more fur so many others could be that happy too. So it came to be.. Linda's goats passed on the tale of how the first " Moh-Bears" came to be .. And all of the goats from their family are still very proud to give their
wonderful soft coats to create Moh-bears... And want you all to know... How soft they are , and that each Moh-bear you adopt will make a perfect addition to your family.Because .. Adopting a Moh-bear is almost like adopting a "Kid" and even we adults know how great that can be.....
                  BECAUSE WHO CAN RESIST A "KID"?