Teddy Bears and Critters

Created from All Natural Fibers

All animal fabric is natural Sheep'sWool, Mohair, Alpaca, Angora rabbit, Angora Mohair.. Moh-bear fabric is skillfully hand spun and hand woven with care by : ... Susie Little of So Susie Spins in Ohio

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Dennis 8" Natural black & white curly Mohbear and grey cotswold fabric This little guy is a brother to Rascal.. ! He has glass eyes and leather pads & nose.. He too is waiting for the right family to stop by. Adoption fee: 155.00
Kiddo 10" x 5" soft short white on white kid mohair is praying for a family, leather pads. Adoption fee:155.00
Goldie the Retriever 10" Tall at the whithers this is created from the curly long white Mohbear fabric and the color was brushed in She has a leather nose hand sculpted face and wired body for positioning. Adoption fee: 195.00
Woolzy 8" Commercial woven wool teddy All natural wool fill , cotton nose & mouth , this bear has plastic lock eyes but can be created with natural fiber eyes, Has Flannel cotton pads.. Also can be changed to fit your needs..

Adoption fee : 40.00

Coco 12" Chubby little Moh-bear ..Hand spun, hand woven, . wool and mohair jointed with leather nose & pads & glass eyes Adoption fee: 185.00
Stick Ponies Wonderful ponies created from recycled wool coats and wacky wool Mohair for the mane .Available as any animal. 58.00

OR Available in other fabrics.. Price may vary with other fabric

Moh-Bunny...16" from top of head.. 19" with ear height..His head ,neck and paws are Long curly natural Black Mohair ,3" Ears are brown wool and white Moh-bear , Beard is cream mohair..His coat is grey wool , trimmed in White on white Moh-bear fabric, He is wearing glasses and has blue eyes. Stuffed body over dowel rod..on a wooden base.Adoption fee: 165.00
Pinky 14" Curly Mohbear..Mohair fur length 4+ " lightly dyed pink Her limbs are jointed,she has a leather nose , a big open mouth smile, Mohair lashes, leather pads and would be Beary happy to come home with you!!! Adoption fee:275.00

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