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Handmade Collectibles

He is 14 " tall on a wooden base , Santa has a combo cloth , wood and clay body..his coat, hat and pants are velvet ,he has carved wooden boots, Hand sculpted face and hands, Mohair beard and hair, fur trim on his clothes.. He is even wearing long johns and has suspenders to with hand made wooden Christmas buttons.. He also brings a poem/prayer with him..Also (not pictured) a Santa bag for the toys..

I love the holidays and of course in my work.. I do work for the"big guy" Santa loves my stuffed animal friends.. That is why I had to give him sooo much detail.. He is fun to create !

You can add my special limited Santa to your special collection..

He is very detailed and I do all my own work..soo ..Please allow 6 - 8 weeks to create him.

Adoption fee: 180.00 includes shipping

Mr & Mrs Santa

My Greeter Dolls They are a stuffed cloth body over a wooden base with velour clothes. He has a sac and she carries a basket of Christmas cheer! Eack wears glasses.. Synthetic hair/ fur is for the beard, hair & fur trim .They have hand painted faces and are happy to greet your guests.. The couple stands approx 42"- 44" tall.. I have mine in my foyer and my guests enjoy them..

Order a set today.

210 .00 Includes shipping